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Our goal is to bring you the highest
tournament-quality Tungsten Weights
and Jigs.

We carry Insert-Free & Inserted
Tungsten Worm / Bullet, Flipping,
Punch and Skirted Punch Weights;
Tungsten Barrel and Drop-Shot
Weights, Tungsten Flipping, Football
Head & Shaky Head Jigs as well as
pegging systems, composite beads
and Gamakatsu Hooks.
Thank you Pete Robbins for the
plug on
You can read his article here:
Heavy Weights for Heavyweights
** New For Spring & Summer **
1-1/2 & 2 oz Skirted Punch Weights
Skinny Drop-Shot Weights
Screw in Worm Weights
Alley's Tungsten
Behemoth Lures
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